Would you like to block out unwanted sounds and hear more clearly at work? Maybe you would like to sleep better, insulate your work office and improve your quality of life at home?

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains are an exciting window treatment solution for all kinds of noise pollution and acoustic issues in both commercial and residential situations.

By insulating and absorbing sound energy to reduce the noise and improve the acoustics of any room, Acoustic Blinds and Curtains have been proven to be effective against all sound frequencies and different types of noise, such as:

How do Acoustic Blinds and Curtains work?

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains are made from special fabrics that combine raw materials that have natural sound absorbing properties with a unique fabric construction.

These special fabrics have been created after years of research and development to improve the acoustics of a room in two different ways.

Noise reduction – by reducing the noise from the outside coming into the room.

Sound absorption – by improving the internal acoustics, reducing the background noise and the echo in a room.

Acoustic Curtains also are available with an optional extra Noise Reduction Lining that further helps to reduce the noise from the outside coming into a room. The Noise Reduction Lining also acts as a block out lining and is not visible from inside the room.

NOTE: Acoustic Blinds are used for sound absorption and filtering light only, while Acoustic Curtains will reduce noise, absorb sound and either filter or block out light. 


Acoustic Blinds and Curtains are a simple and cost effective alternative to other acoustic products and ideal for a wide range of commercial and residential situations.

Available in a range of stylish fabrics, they provide you with both a cost-effective acoustic solution and window treatment in one!

Reduce noise by half and meet council regulations and building codes

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains have been tested and proven effective using global testing standards in real world settings.

Independent testing with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) proved that Acoustic Curtains can reduce the perceived noise by half (Sound Level Difference Improvement, ΔDw = 10dB).

Acoustic engineers, tier 1 builders, ASX listed companies, top educational institutions, government organisations, architects and designers across Australia all use Acoustic Blinds and Curtains to meet their council regulations and building codes.


Proudly custom made right here in Australia, Acoustic Blinds and Curtains can also be motorised and operated with a remote control and are available in a range of fabrics, textures and colours to suit every design aesthetic and application.

Whether you’re in a boardroom or a bedroom, now you too can also create an acoustic environment that inspires happy, healthy and productive living when you next choose your blinds or curtains!

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